Bijou Festival

Bijou Fest is the School of Film/Video’s end-of-year film festival that screens any and all work submitted, made by Film/Video students during the 2020/21 and 2019-20 school year! For the entire week leading up to graduation (May 10-14) we will have an online stream of fantastic, wonderful, strange films, class screenings, and performances. This year’s Bijou Fest is programmed & organized by faculty advisor Ryan Betschart and a team of students from his Navigating Film Festivals course. Give us your work!


*In no way will screening at Bijou Fest hurt film festival premiere status. Works screened within a school setting are considered works-in-progress regardless of how completed they are. For more information on submission status email:

DATES: May 10th-14th
  • Lineups will be revealed the first week of May/The week before Bijou Fest



Bijou Fest Team Mochi is looking for under 30-sec videos for this year’s online streaming Bijou week. Anything ranging from 1 to 30 seconds will be played in between the screenings as interstitials! Videos of loops, glitches, tik tok, pillow shots, dramas, dances, musical performances, cooking shows, ASMR, emotional support animals (meow), etc., are all welcomed! Deadline for submission: April 18th, 2021

This call of entry is open to all CalArts students, alumni, faculty, and staff!

Please fill out the entry form to submit your Under 30-sec Videos:

Send questions our way! we are here to help where we can!

Bijou Fest 2021 Team:
  • Ryan Betschart (Faculty Supervisor)
  • Alex Broadwell 
  • Erica Sheu
  • Gary Hankins 
  • Zazie Ray-Trapido
  • Wylie Rush
  • Da Hee Kim
  • Bea Vischer
  • Leonardo Pirondi 
  • Elizabeth Martin
  • Hannah Panov 
  • Arden Dimanno 
  • Gabrielle Galloway 
  • Brooke Harbaugh