Bijou in the Rough – May 12-14

Hello School of Film/Video,

We have made it to Bijou in the Rough! We have a few ways for you to see student work.

Private Vimeo Channel of Graduating Student Work (starting May 13th)

You will find a collection of thesis and graduation projects on Vimeo starting Wednesday, May 13th. Check your student email for the link & password!

Collaborative Playlist

This is a growing spreadsheet that students can contribute to with their works in-progress and completed works. Click here to access the spreadsheet.

Students, please submit your work to the spreadsheet by filling out this form!

Class Screenings

Check your email for a detailed list of class screenings taking place Tuesday, May 12 through Thursday, May 14. Feel free to join in to see what these classes have been working on through the semester.

Enjoy the work!


Bijou in the Rough Committee (Lei Lei, Christina Nguyen, and Udval Altangerel [MFA2 FDP])