Bijou Festival Student Committee

Mark your calendars, the Bijou Festival will be taking place May 11th – May 15th! The purpose of the Bijou Festival is to share work that has been made this year by students in the School of Film/Video. Finished works and works-in-progress are welcomed. Faculty, staff, and students will host several screening sessions, where any student can sign up to show work. Each student signs up to show one film (or two films, if the total combined running time does not exceed 10 minutes).

This year we will be including installations in the Bijou Festival through an application process. We are looking for 5 students to be part of the student committee led by the Bijou Festival TA. This committee will meet twice to select the installations from the applications. Students committee members cannot apply to do an installation during Bijou Festival and must be available Sunday, May 10th to help with installations. If you are interested, please email a paragraph detailing why you want to be part of the student committee to Lei Lei and Christina Nguyen at